For the love of karigari

At Sarang Kaur, our affection for colour, delicate handiwork and playfulness inspires each creation. Paying careful attention to timeless elegance in design, we make intricate, hand-embroidered sarees, dupattas and suits that revere traditional craftsmanship and bring you joy.

“I grew up admiring my mother’s wardrobe, smitten by the delicacy of sarees and dupattas she chose to wear on special days. This goes back to when I wasn’t even old enough to wear a saree. Meticulously embroidered and brimming with character, it was almost as if the zardozi and thread-work were alive themselves. At the same time, they spoke softly and confidently of the tradition and craft they held within. 

By the time I started looking for sarees for myself, trends seemed to have changed, but I still craved those timeless pieces. That’s when I was convinced about reinterpreting these designs myself. It also didn’t take long for me to realise that their lively timelessness actually came from all the hours spent by skilled, human hands in creating them. This is why everything we set out to make celebrates traditional design and delicate handiwork. 

Through this karigari, I hope our elegant creations bring you joy for many years to come, and that you pass them down generations, just like my mother did.”

- Sarang